Final Communiqe of the Constitutive Meeting of the Media Forum _ Niamey, Niger 8th July 2017

Upon kind invitation from the Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism, The Constitutive  meeting of the Media Forum of the Council of African Political

Parties was held in Niamey, Niger on the 8 th of July 2017.

The inagural session was chaired  by H E. The  secratary of Communication in the host Party who warmly welcomed the participants and expressed best wishes of succes to the  meeting.

H E. Bazoum Mohamed, welcomed the participants to the meeting and referred to the past African experiences of the One Party  System  with the single information Media source and said that Governments in Africa should meet the demands of granting the liberties of the press and media to be able to face the growing  challenges.

H.E. The Minsiter of Communication of the Republic of  Niger thanked the Council of African Political Parties for holding their meeting in Niamey. H E. stressed the need to consider the challenges of developing their communication  skills to cope with the up to date  innovations.

H E. The Secretary General of the Council delivered a statement in which he duly thanked H.E. The President and head of state  of the  Republic  of Niger and the leadership of the host Party and explained the need to establish the Media Forum to realize the objectives of Council of African  Political  Parties.

The President of the syndicate of Journalists of Central Africa delivered a statement in which he commended the idea of the  establishment  of  the Media Forum and expressed the hope that the Forum will contribute in advancing Journalism  in Africa.

The General Assembly of the Media Forum held a Procedural session in which the executive Rule of the Media Forum was  adopted  and  elected the Executive Office composed of 15 members drawn from the five regions of Africa. The meeting then elected the President, two Vices President and a rapporteur of the  Excutive Office.

The delegations participating in the constitutive meeting of the Media Forum expressed their thanks and gratitude to the host Party and the Republic  of Niger for the warm welcome and hospitality and the excellent preparations of the meeting

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